Wolf Global Advisors

Wolf Global Advisors (WGA) is a boutique strategic advisory and public policy firm providing private sector companies, government agencies and non-governmental organizations a range of services to address domestic and international security and risk challenges and to provide insight into homeland and national security markets.

What We Do

Expert Insight. Assessing Risk. Identifying Solutions

In the age of market disruption and global uncertainty, clients of WGA value our commonsense, practical and unyielding support for their business needs.
We understand the complexities of modern corporate challenges. Whether the goal is to revolutionize the status quo or to find new markets, WGA is committed to finding and executing a strategy to improve our client’s posture and economic standing in the U.S. and on the world stage.


Our Services

WGA crafts solutions from our unique understanding of global threats,
technology solutions, and operational realities.

Business Advisory

WGA provides the latest homeland expertise, insight and advice to help companies and organizations exceed in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Advocacy &
Government Relations

It’s not enough to know your customer. You must have an executable plan in place to advocate your position to multiple audiences.

Crisis Communications

Communication is key in today’s environment.

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